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Differences between Leaders and Wannabes

When facing a problem the leader says, “Let’s find out,” while the wannabe says, “Nobody knows.”

Leaders communicate commitment while wannabes make promises.

Leaders have the capacity to listen while wannabes can’t wait for their turn to talk.

Leaders say “there is a better way to do this”, while wannabes say “this is the way we have always done things around here”.

Leaders say “I’m a good leader, but could do better” while the wannabe says “I’m better than a lot of people”.

Leaders take accountability for their mistakes while the wannabes point fingers and say “it’s your fault”.

– Originally published in June 2012


Jump and the Net will Appear

Essentially, what most of us are doing is waiting – waiting for permission, waiting for fate, waiting for the right moment. In fact, everyone has something they want and are just waiting to have happen, but haven’t made it happen yet.

Admit it, haven’t you sat at a bar or at a social event and seen someone you thought was interesting, and haven’t you found yourself sitting there waiting for something to happen?

You don’t really hear words in your head telling you to not walk over, start talking to people and showing them that you are interesting, but you sit there battling a silent fear inside you that tells you that there is only pain ahead.

You have to jump first, and then your net will appear. You have to take a leap of faith, and understand that your cushion or safety – your net – is not going to be visible to you at this second, especially when facing a challenge. Your net is invisible at this point, and it will not appear until you act.

90% of what we worry about never happens. 90% of what happens to us; we never had a chance to worry about.

– Originally published in May 2012

Hospital Experience

My mum’s health started getting worse from last year, so we are frequently in and out of the hospital. Other than suffering patients, busy doctors and nurses, beeping sounds from the equipment, endless tests for anything in a human body, there are still some interesting moments in the painful time.

Nurse: What is the year of birth of your mother?
[She was trying to look up my mum’s records on the monitor.]
Me: Mm… 1924.
Nurse: Is that 1934?
Me: Yeah, it’s 1934.
Nurse: That’s 10 years difference.
Me: Well, at least I got 3 digits correct.

Nurse: Do you have appetite today?
Mum: No.
Nurse: Did you finish the meals from the hospital?
Mum: Yes, their size is quite small.

Doctor: When did your mum feel sick?
Me: This afternoon.
Doctor: What was she doing when she was feeling sick this afternoon?
Me: She was sitting in the lounge.
Doctor: What was she doing when she was sitting in the lounge?
Me: She felt sick.
Doctor: So, was she fine in the morning?
Me: No, but better than in the afternoon.
Doctor: Was she fine yesterday?
Me: No, but better than today.

Mum: The woman in the bed next to me seems scared that my disease is contagious. She always covers her mouth with her hands. Would you explain to her that my disease is not contagious?
Me: I actually talked to her. She said it’s not you; it’s her disease that is highly contagious. So she always covers her mouth in order not to infect you.
[Of course, I made it up.]

Abraham Lincoln said: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” So, live the moment, seize the day and you will find life is beautiful.

– Originally published in May 2012

New Year’s Eve

The movie “New Year’s Eve” consists of a number of storylines that happened on the New Year’s Eve:

  • The vice-president of the company that organized the Time Square New Year’s Eve activities was managing the crisis of the jamming of the ball used for the ball drop event.
  • A deliveryman was trying to fulfill a secretary’s New Year’s resolutions before midnight in exchange of some party tickets.
  • A mother was following her daughter who wanted to spend the New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend.
  • A comic book illustrator who hated New Year’s Eve got stuck in an elevator with a back-up singer.
  • A musician proposed to his ex-girlfriend on last New Year’s Eve but then he ran away, this year he rekindled his feelings for his ex-girlfriend who worked together in the same event.
  • A man in his final stage of cancer refused chemotherapy and only wished to see the ball drop one last time, the nurse who took care of him talked to her husband serving in Afghanistan through internet.
  • A couple in the hospital was competing with another couple for a bonus offered for the family of the first child born in the New Year.
  • A businessman came to New York to deliver a speech and attend a meeting with a mysterious woman he met on last New Year’s Eve.

Although there are some touching moments and so many stars in the movie, the storylines are familiar and do not provide much surprise. But I like the movie keeps reminding us that New Year’s Eve is about second chances, hope and forgiveness. Below are 2 of my favorite parts.

While the jamming ball was being fixed, the vice-president Claire Morgan gave a speech to the reporters regarding the event:

As you all can see the ball has stopped half way to its porch. It’s suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the New Year, to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by. To remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or close ourselves down for fear of getting hurt. Cause that’s what New Year’s is all about, getting another chance. The chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be. So when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight, but all year long. Thank you.

Also, the last few lines of the movie, voice-over by Robert De Niro who acted as the cancer patient:

Sometimes it feels like there are so many things we can’t control, earthquakes, floods, reality shows. But it’s important to remember the things we can, like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts. Because the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place to a beautiful place, is love. Love in any of its forms. Love gives us hope, hope for the New Year. That’s New Year’s Eve to me. Hope, and a great party.

There are a few months of this year to go, you still have time to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, and plan ahead what you will do and who you will meet this New Year’s Eve.

– Originally published in May, 2012

Lose Yourself

If you had one shot
One opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip

There is a question. Five frogs are sitting on a log.  Four decide to jump off. How many are left?

You better lose yourself in the music
The moment, you own it
You better never get it go
You only get one shot
Do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a life time

The answer to the question is: Five. Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing. You simply just miss every shot you don’t take.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

– Originally published in May, 2012



The homework for the class is to submit a short diary to the teacher. Little Johnny submitted his diary:

30-Feb Sunny
The sun did not come out the whole day. Dad bought two goldfishes and I put them into the tank. One of them drowned. I feel very upset.

His teacher’s comments:

I also feel very upset. I never know February has a 30th. I never know a sunny day that the sun didn’t come out. And I never know a goldfish can be drowned!

– Originally published in May, 2012

Try To Remember

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a tender and callow fellow
Try to remember and if you remember then follow

How do you feel about September? In my childhood, a new school year would be started in September after a 2-month summer holiday. On the first day of school, I would meet my friends and talk about what we did during the break. My friends would look a bit different, some gained weight, some got tanned, and some had a different hair style. Everyone seems to change over time. I would be excited in moving up the next level in school with new classroom, new seating plan, sometimes new teachers, and all the new challenges ahead. In contrast to the Northern Hemisphere, September in Australia is the first month of spring when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow. September always feels like a new beginning to me.

Try to remember when life was so tender
That no one wept except the willow
Try to remember when life was so tender that
Dreams were kept beside your pillow
Try to remember when life was so tender that
Love was an ember about to billow
Try to remember and if you remember then follow

We were fearless in our youth. There was no bullying; we fought for any conflicts regardless who the others were. We wouldn’t mind the teacher punished us by hitting our palms with his thick wooden ruler. We took the short-cut back home without worrying being kidnapped. Those years, the world was our playground. But we change after we stepped into the real world. We started to worry about we cannot live up to the expectations of others. We try our best to learn from our failures and become a better person. We develop courage by surviving difficult times. In the game of life, after we have earned enough reward points, we get our new weapons, raise our game levels and release a new version of ourselves. At the end, we find that the simplest goal of life is just to fulfill our basic needs.

Deep in December it’s nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow
Deep in December it’s nice to remember
Without the hurt the heart is hollow
Deep in December it’s nice to remember
The fire of September that made us mellow
Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow

There are 91 days between September and December, so December begins on the same day of the week as September every year. How do you feel about December? Will you think of Christmas, the holidays, New Year’s Eve, or your new year resolutions? In contrast to September, December feels like the end. In 2012, people were talking about the world would end in December. The calendar of the Mayans ends on December 21, 2012. A distant planet, Nibiru, was predicted to collide with Earth that year. When we woke up in the morning of December 22, 2012, we all knew Nibiru has missed us. The Mayans calendar starts a new chapter and so is our life. And another date for end of world will be predicted. People normally will not imagine how to live their last day, but why not use these predictions as a reason to revisit our bucket lists and live everyday like it’s our last? The end can actually come to us at any time. So, lighten up, enjoy life and remember those good moments.

– Originally posted in May 2012