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A Tribute to Wife

Not every love story has a happy ending. Rafael, 35, from Brazil, lost his wife Tatiane, 27, in 2013 after she was killed in a road accident. To honor his wife, Rafael organized a photo shoot with his three-year-old daughter, Raisa, that mimicked photos he had taken with his wife in the week before their wedding in 2009.

Raisa, whose mother died before she’d even reached her first birthday, wore Tatiane’s jewelry and clothes, and mimicked her poses with her dad. The family dog, which was around when Tatiane was still alive and featured in the original shoot, also appears in the pictures. In one photo, Raisa grins as she wraps her arms around her father’s neck while in another she tenderly touches his face. She also recreated a solo shot of Tatiane, in which she appears wearing her beaded jewelry and a similar white tank top and jeans.

Sometimes love won’t fade over time and true love can overcome distance, even life and death.


Random Shower Thoughts


Addiction To Technology

Has technology gone too far? Look at these satirical illustrations and you’ll be asking yourself just that. Art has long been a way of documenting the present and commenting on social issues, something that today’s artists continue to do through their thought provoking illustrations that comment on technology and the impact that it’s having on our society.

As a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, how true do you think these illustrations are and which one sends the strongest message? Here are 7 satirical illustrations that show how we’ve become addicted to technology.


Anyone want to play?


Crossing the road.


Modern tan.


Stranger on the train.




Smartphone zombies.


Romantic meal for two.

Minimalist vs. Maximalist

Minimalist                      vs.                      Maximalist


We hold onto almost everything just in case we might need them in some hypothetical future that doesn’t actually exist. We believe that things represent memories. But memories aren’t in things, they are part of us and our thoughts. So prioritize experience over possessions.

Best Pictures From Australia

Wyndham Vale, Victoriap1

Rainbow Bay, Queenslandp2

Yule River, Western Australiap3

Mt Ngungun in Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queenslandp4

Dromana Pier in Momington Peninsula, Victoria

Gold Coast, Queensland

Mt Chincogan in Mullumbimby, New South Walesp7

Desert between Kanijini and Tom Price, Western Australiap8

Mt Buller, Victoriap9

Grampians, Victoriap10

Funny Text Messages









Funny 404 Messages

The 404 or “Not Found” error message is a World Wide Web standard response code. It is generated by the server when it cannot find what is requested by the client. We all hate clicking on a link to open up a page, but instead of the website that we are hoping for, a 404 message appears and ruins our day. Thankfully, the owners of the following sites have a sense of humor and make sure their website’s 404 message doesn’t make us want to throw our computer over the wall.