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Start Now


Today you woke up with the desire to finally get going on the projects you’ve been putting off over the last few years. You were motivated, inspired and ready to take the first step.

You showed up and got prepared for the fruitful work. Suddenly you find out that the things seem a little bit more complicated, confusing, and unfeasible.

You start realizing that it’s going to be neither easy nor fast to write a book; to start exercising; to master a course, to learn a foreign language; to start a business … or to make happen whatever you have in mind.

Eventually, you arrive at the point when you don’t feel like “conquering the world” today. However, you are sure that you’ll be ready to nail it in a while. Some day you’ll get the work done. Just not today.

Sounds familiar?

I’m sure you have a big goal. Or two. Or even more.

However, just like other people out there, you often put things off. You like to procrastinate the huge commitments. Because you know that they are going to require effort, time and talent.

Therefore, you choose the easiest way. You postpone the beginning till “someday” trying to convince yourself that there will be a better and more favorable moment to start. However, the truth is that later often means never.

If you postpone the realization of your dreams today you are not likely to get back to them ever again. Moreover, when you postpone the start, you deliberately postpone the finish. You make your journey towards the desired destination last longer.

Take some time to look back and think how much time you’ve already wasted over the past few years. Now think how much more you could have achieved by now if you hadn’t been such a procrastinator.

Stop cheating yourself. There won’t be a better moment to start. The best time is now. Start now.


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