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Late Night Thoughts


1:30am. Circular Quay. We were updating the system for a production deployment. The deployment window was 12am to 5am. This mean we had to finish the deployment before 5am. We just cleared a major hurdle and were racing with time. Now the service team was working in a good pace. I was checking the readiness of the back end system for the final verification when everything was connected together.

Circular Quay is a harbor in Sydney. We were working in a wharf which is an open area. It’s winter in Australia and the wind was blowing towards us from the harbor. I guessed it’s only 1 or 2°C. My fingers felt like frozen and couldn’t type freely on the keyboard. I should wear more. But I couldn’t care much now, there were too many problems to face.

In the past few weeks, I turned myself to a geek – overworked, under-slept and lots of coffee. Other than sleeping, eating, commuting and showering, the remaining time were all spent at work. I talked more to my colleagues and clients than to my father. Why I need to do this? A number of reasons: a tight project schedule, a fixed delivery deadline, and a promised press conference that couldn’t be postponed.

When I was young, I was always looking forward to the future. I imagined how I will look like when I grow up and what sort of person I will become. The idea of adulthood gave the promises of freedom. I thought I can eventually pursue a career and a particular lifestyle. I thought when I’m older, I can be whoever I want. But when we grow older, we understand that although advantages come with age, so do responsibility. There are commitments and sacrifices to make. Sadly, we don’t know until they come.

I lost count of how many jobs I had worked for. Each time when I changed job, I felt like reinventing myself and experiencing life from a new perspective. Organizations actually are not different from each other that much. People always have their own interests and you simply can’t please everyone. When things go wrong, you learn to stop complaining or blaming others. When life is unfair to you, you learn to avoid letting the little things bother you. You know you don’t need to complete with others but need to give your best in every project. In the end, just enjoy yourself and have an amazing time in the celebration.

You also know when you need to move on. Every turn in life is just a crossroad, not a dead end. We may eventually be an ordinary person who is not rich or famous. But it won’t stop us to have some little dreams in our heart – do what you like, love a person, take a trip, learn a language, run a marathon. I looked up the high rise luxury apartments, all the lights were turned off. People were sleeping comfortably above while someone were struggling to earn a living below, what a contrast!


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