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Utilize Every Moment


Waiting in line or waiting at all for anything can seem like a drag. Rather than painfully watching every precious minute slide by, you can turn wait times into a blessing by accomplishing small tasks, like replying to a quick e-mail, sending out an important message while serving the time, or even read a page of your e-book. Technology has made everything and anything accessible with its myriad of mobile devices; instead of getting wrapped up in social media while waiting in line or commuting on public transport, take advantage of the advent of technology by ticking things off your To Do list instead.

The 2-Minute Rule was coined by David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. It goes by the principle that if a task can be completed within 2 minutes, then instead of putting it off, do it then and there. It is surprising how much we can achieve in 2 minutes that we actually tend to put off. For example, unsubscribing from a newsletter that we might not want to receive in the future, is so easy to put off for later. What we fail to realize is the later the task is accomplished, the more junk e-mail we end up having to use our precious time to delete. Living by the 2-Minute Rule not only avoids procrastination, but ensures that every minute counts and our actions don’t come back to bite us in the future.

We need to invest time to save time. In other words, to save future time, we might have to invest time picking up on tips and cues in the present. Purposely going the extra mile to seek a shorter route with less traffic to work may require more time at first, but imagine how much time in the future you will be saving by doing so. When we are so used to our own way, it is easy to become complacent with exploration, which in turn stunts our ability to shave off the extra minutes from our usual day to day tasks. Turn being curious into an investment and you might just discover tricks to earn you some extra time moving forward.


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