This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

1. People Don’t Care As Much As You Think
Being so caught up in what others think of us or acting in a way to meet their expectations is detrimental to us because everyone is wrapped up in their own problems and insecurities. Most of what we believe people are thinking are only assumptions in our own minds. No one will give a damn about how you live your life. Being yourself without worrying what others think will go a long way in achieving personal happiness.

2. We Are Constantly Changing Who We Are
Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? You’re not. Our past, present and future selves are all independent because our mindsets change with our lives’ circumstances and experiences. We should always be true to our present selves when making decisions. We can never predict what our future self will think and feel, and everything that happened in the past was for our past selves. The power is all in the now.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
We all post our best moments on Facebook and start comparing ourselves to others’ seemingly ‘perfect’ lives. The truth is we are all vulnerable. It is a waste of time to believe that people are somehow better than us and have their life sorted out, while seeing us for who we really are. Comparisons and feeling inferior to other people is futile because even the most powerful people have worries, insecurities and uncertainties inside them.

4. Don’t Assume Your Advice Will Be Listened To
Did you ever give your friends advice to sort out their glaring problems but they didn’t listen? You then feel frustrated. No one ever really listens to advice unless they happen to be in the right mindset at the right time. People will only change their mindsets or outlooks through their own realizations and experiences. Sometimes it may come in the form of your advice but most of the time it needs to happen for them at their own pace. Don’t feel ignored or disheartened – you did your bit, now let them work it out.

5. You Can Only Control Your Response
How you react to a problem, event or situation is much more important than the situation itself. In life, attitude is everything in how happy you become overall. You can choose to react in a way that will ricochet throughout your future thoughts, feelings and emotions or choose to acknowledge a better way. Remember to take yourself out of a negative situation for a few seconds and reset your mind before reacting. This can help you train yourself to understand the possible its effects for others and yourself.


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