This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

A couple booked the train tickets to visit their friends who lived in the countryside. When they boarded the train, they found that a woman sat on one of their reserved seats. They noticed that there was a pair of crutches placed beside the woman. She probably could not walk properly by her look. The husband then asked the wife to sit on the other seat. As the train was full, the husband stood throughout the journey for two hours.

After they have disembarked the train at their destination station, the wife complained, “You should ask the woman for the seat midway of the journey. Her disability should not cause inconvenience to other people.” The husband said gently, “It only caused inconvenience to me for two hours. But she may be inconvenient for the rest of her life.”

Sometimes the world will be different if we change the perspective in viewing things. Depending on your response, you can make the life of others better in one minute.


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