This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Heart of the Kid

Michelle just moved home. She found that her neighbor was a single mum with two kids and they were quite poor.

One night there was a power outage. Michelle lit a candle in the dark. A moment later, someone knocked on Michelle’s door. One of the two kids from next door was outside, he asked seriously, “Ms, do you have candles at home?”

“You can’t be so poor that cannot afford to buy the candles,” Michelle thought, “If I give you this time, you may rely on me in the future.” So Michelle replied coldly, “No candles at home.”

As she was closing the door, the kid smiled and said, “Mom guessed it right. She said you live alone and properly don’t have candles. So she asked me to bring you two.” He then took out two candles from his pocket.

Even they didn’t have much, they still cared about other people. Ashamed of herself, Michelle bent down, hugged the kid and cried.


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