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Which Dog Are You Feeding?


There are two dogs that live inside us – the Fear Dog and the Courage Dog. They constantly battling for control. Remember that whichever dog you feed will win the fight. We can’t kill the Fear Dog because he’s a part of us – fear is natural and sometimes even useful, but we can weaken his power. Negative thoughts and energy feed the Fear Dog, weakening us, leading to performance degradation and poor health.

We can lock the Fear Dog up and redirect his energy into assertiveness and discipline. Meanwhile, we need to feed the Courage Dog. Positive thoughts and energy feed the Courage Dog, strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. Feeding Courage Dog makes us more kind, patient, tolerant, powerful, and present. We’ll avoid conflict and become better leaders. We won’t hesitate to lean into the hard tasks and fear won’t control us. All you have to do is start asking yourself, “Which dog am I feeding?”

By paying attention to which dog you’re feeding, you’ll begin to notice another level of your thought patterns. Once you’re aware of your patterns, you can better maintain a positive internal dialogue, which will manage your attention and keep it where it should be: on success. So reframe a bad experience with a positive lesson. What did you learn? What was the silver lining? Why did it happen the way it did? Whether you won the event or not, you can guarantee that you win the aftermath with how you choose to view what happened and create a positive response to it. This can keep you focused on feeding the Courage Dog and the positive aspects of failure even when you fall on your face.


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