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Real Life Office Jokes

My colleague always plays with his dice when he is updating the project status report. Today I took a close look at his dice …


Below is a real conversation between 2 developers about a JIRA issue.

A: Why did you hardcode the device ID to 0? The host won’t recognize it.
B: What’s wrong with that?
A: You shouldn’t hardcode it.
B: What are you expecting?
A: 4.
B: Why 4?
A: As I hardcoded it to 4 in the host.

B: Why not 0? I like 0 better.


My boss is working from home and we are in the office, having a conference call with each other.

Me: How’s your working from home?
Boss: It’s fantastic, you should try it sometime.
Me: I try it every night.


Sometimes talking to a remote development team feels like negotiating with a car dealer.

“How come the car you delivered doesn’t have wheels?”
“Oh, our package doesn’t include wheels.”
“But I can’t go anywhere without wheels!”
“Then you need to pay more for the wheels.”
“Fine, how much?”
“Not cheap. By the way, it’s end of the year, not a good time for business.”
“What do you mean?”
“People start taking leave and no one do the job. So you may expect your wheels will be available in Feb next year at the earliest.”
“But you are supposed to deliver the full car to me last month!”
“Too bad, better planning next time.”



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