This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


  1. Being afraid of change.
  2. Not learning another language.
  3. Staying in a bad relationship.
  4. Not using sunscreen.
  5. Not traveling when you had the chance.
  6. Not exercising.
  7. Letting society define you.
  8. Not listening to your parents’ advice.
  9. Being afraid to say “I love you”.
  10. Staying at a terrible job.
  11. Being self-absorbed.
  12. Caring too much about what others think.
  13. Not standing up for yourself.
  14. Holding grudges.
  15. Putting others’ dreams before your own.
  16. Working too much.
  17. Not learning how to cook.
  18. Clinging to people who hurt you.
  19. Failing to finish what you started.
  20. Not stopping to appreciate the moment.
  21. Not spending enough time with loved ones.
  22. Never taking a risk.
  23. Worrying too much.
  24. Getting caught up in drama.
  25. Not being grateful.
  26. Thinking you don’t need friends.
  27. Never mastering a hobby.
  28. Not reading enough.
  29. Not trying hard enough in school.
  30. Not volunteering enough.

It’s never too late!


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