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Don’t You Cry


After the book reviews of “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train“, good things come in threes – here is the review of “Don’t You Cry” that has the same narrative style as the other 2 books. From the previous reviews, you’ll find that I personally dislike this story-telling style – each character describes a series of events from his/her own perspective. I feel that this is a lazy approach to create the suspense as readers are locked in the mindset of the characters without getting the big picture.

“Don’t You Cry” is a novel by Mary Kubica. The whole story is narrated through the first person view of 2 characters – a girl Quinn and a boy Alex. At the beginning, a young lady Esther disappeared in downtown Chicago. When her roommate Quinn tried to figure out her whereabouts, secrets about Esther were revealed: a haunting letter addressed to “My Dearest”, a large amount of money was withdrawn from her bank account, the death of her previous roommate.

As Quinn was searching for answers, in a small town outside Chicago, a mysterious lady Pearl appeared in a coffee shop where Alex worked. Alex was immediately attracted by the beauty of Pearl. By coincidence, he found her stayed in the abandon house next to his home that night. Then they did odd things: wandering in the middle of the night and digging someone’s grave. The book tried really hard to convince readers that Pearl is Esther, but it just made the setup so obvious.

The story went out of steam at some point and tried to make it exciting: Quinn encountered the insane guy in the bus and thought that Esther was planning to kill her. But this is unnecessary and just wasting time. Sometimes you know the book will not be satisfied but you continue to read and see whether it can be saved by the ending. The ending of “Don’t You Cry” – it doesn’t make sense. The whole story becomes so pointless and it’s simply about the revenge of a psycho. Due to the constraint of narration from 2 characters, a number of questions were unanswered. In short, don’t expect “Don’t You Cry” can live up to the level of “Gone Girl”, its storyline is even weaker than “Girl on the Train”.


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