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A Journey of Friendship

Curt and Steven have the kind of friendship that embodies the true meaning of partnership – trust, caring, and risk-taking. One year, they were attending a pool party at the local Swim and Racquet Club. Curt had just won the door prize, a beautiful new watch. They were walking back to the car, joking about the party, and Curt turned and said, “Steve, you’ve had a few cocktails, buddy – may be I should drive.” At first Steven thought he was joking. Although Steven was sure that the cocktails had no effect on him, he respected the sober judgment of Curt.

“Good idea,” Steven said, and handed Curt the keys.

Once Steven was settled in the passenger seat and Curt behind the wheel, Curt said, “I’m going to need your help because I’m not sure how to get to your home from here.”

“No problem,” Steven responded.

Curt started the car and they were off – not without the usual first-time shifting jerks and stalls, stops and starts. The next 10 miles seemed like a hundred as Steven prompted Curt with directions – left now, slow down, right pretty soon, speed up and so on. The important thing is that they got home safely that night.

Ten years later, Curt was the best man in Steven’s wedding. He brought tears to the eyes of 400 guests as he told the story of their partnership and how they drove home together that night. Why such a remarkable story? Curt is blind. He has been blind since birth and never sat behind the wheel of a car before that night.


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