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1. They don’t stay in their comfort zone.
Increasing your self-awareness isn’t comfortable. But you can’t improve without pushing yourself to discover what you need to work on and what you should be doing differently. This is hard because when you take a really good look at yourself, you aren’t going to like everything you see. It’s more comfortable to keep the blinders on, but they make certain that you’ll never be mentally strong.

2. They don’t give in to fear.
They say that bravery is being scared to death to do something and doing it anyway. If you use fear as an excuse not to do something, you’ve already lost. It’s not that mentally strong people aren’t afraid – they simply pick themselves up and fight on regardless of the fear.

3. They don’t stop believing in themselves.
Mentally strong people persevere. They don’t give up in the face of failure, and they don’t give up because they’re tired or uncomfortable. They’re focused on their goals, not on momentary feelings, and that keeps them going even when things are hard. They don’t take failing to mean that they’re a failure. Likewise, they don’t let the opinions of others keep them from chasing their dreams.

4. They don’t beg for attention.
People who are always begging for attention are needy. They rely on that attention from other people to form their self-identity. Mentally strong people couldn’t care less about attention. They do what they want to do and what needs to be done, regardless of whether anyone is stroking their ego.

5. They don’t act like jerks.
People who act like jerks are unhappy and insecure. They act like jerks because they don’t have the emotional strength to be nice when they don’t feel like it. Mentally strong people place high value on their relationships, which means they treat everyone with respect, regardless of the kind of mood they’re in.

6. They don’t hold grudges.
The negative emotions that come with holding onto a grudge are actually a stress response. Holding onto that stress wreaks havoc on your body and can have devastating health consequences over time. Holding onto a grudge means you’re holding onto stress, and mentally strong people know to avoid this at all costs.

7. They don’t hang around negative people.
Negative people wallow in their problems and fail to focus on solutions. They want people to join their pity party so that they can feel better about themselves. People often feel pressure to listen to negative people because they don’t want to be seen as callous or rude, but there’s a fine line between lending a sympathetic ear to someone and getting sucked into their negative emotional spiral. Mentally strong people avoid getting drawn in by setting limits and distancing themselves from negative people when necessary.

8. They don’t feel sorry for themselves.
Other than being annoying, feeling sorry for yourself shifts your locus of control outside yourself. It is, in essence, declaring that you’re a helpless victim of circumstance. Mentally strong people never feel sorry for themselves because that would mean giving up their power.

9. They don’t feel entitled.
Mentally strong people believe that the world is a meritocracy and that the only things that they deserve are those that they earn. People who feel entitled think that the world owes them something. Again, it’s about locus of control. Mentally strong people know that they alone are responsible for their successes or failures.

10. They don’t close their minds.
When people close their minds to new information or opinions, it’s typically because they find them threatening. They think that admitting that someone else is right means that they’re wrong. Mentally strong people aren’t threatened by new things; they’re open to new information and new ideas, even if it means admitting that they are wrong.

11. They don’t let anyone limit their joy.
When mentally strong people feel good about something they’ve done, they don’t let anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take that away from them. While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself with others, and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within. Regardless of what people think of you at any particular moment, one thing is certain – you’re never as good or bad as they say you are.

12. They don’t get eaten up by jealousy and envy.
Mentally strong people understand that the happiness and success of others doesn’t take away from their own, so jealousy and envy aren’t an issue for them. They see success as being in unlimited supply, so they can celebrate others’ successes.

13. They don’t live in the past.
Most of the time, failure results from taking risks and trying to achieve things that aren’t easy. Mentally strong people know that success lies in their ability to rise in the face of failure, and they can’t do this if they’re living in the past. Anything worth achieving is going to require your taking some risks, and you can’t allow failure to stop you from believing in your ability to succeed. When you live in the past, your past becomes your present and prevents you from moving forward.

Source: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin


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