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Train to Busan



I like zombie movies. A zombie is a human corpse that is revived through a virus or other methods. Zombies are fear of light, speechlessness, aggressive and like to bite people. The rule is simple: if you are bitten by a zombie, you will become a zombie. “Train to Busan” is the first Korean zombie movie. Although the special effects are not as good as Hollywood, their levels are closed. And … it is more than just a zombie movie.

A fund manager took his 9-year-old daughter to his separated wife in Busan. They boarded the train in Seoul and an injured woman got in the train in the last minute. The train departed and the zombie inflection spread. Among the passengers on the train, there are a tough husband with his pregnant wife, a selfish CEO, two elderly sisters, and a high school baseball team.

The train stopped at Daejeon which was supposed to be under the control of army. When the survived passengers got off the train, they were attacked by the infected soldiers. They retreated back to the train but were separated by compartments with zombies in between. So the father, the husband and a teenager from the baseball team fight their way for the reunion with others. People died along the way – some sacrificed themselves to save others, some betrayed others to save themselves, and some simply gave up. This makes “Train to Busan” special, when watching the movie, I wonder how I will behave under those circumstances – will I like the selfish CEO or the selfless devoted husband? It’s difficult to say as we are never in such a situation. But I think one needs to survive first before he/she can help others.

Another interesting character in the movie is the fund manager. He got the latest status update from the army through his relationship so that he could plan and formulate strategies to keep him and his daughter alive. As his daughter said, “You only think of yourself, so mom left us.” But because of his job nature – managing risk, analyzing situation, gathering information for decision making, determining the best timing for action; these made him to overcome obstacles one after another.

Instead of waiting 45 minutes for the first dinosaur to appear, the roller-coaster ride of “Train to Busan” started just 20 minutes after the movie started when the infected woman boarded the train. Several zombies attacking and chasing scenes are thrilling and breathtaking. Audiences feel like running together with the characters. The movie also illustrates the human nature under a horrified event and the drama of relationships – father and daughter, husband and wife, sister and sister. I also like the attention of details in the script – an uncompleted song sung by the fund manager’s daughter at the beginning played an important role at the end. “Train to Busan” can be the best zombie movie this year. If you are a zombie movie fan like me, it’s a must see.


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  1. I love zombies and korean movies. I’m going to hunt this one down and watch it. Great review!

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