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Back in Time


The “Back to the Future” series are the classic in time travel movies. In part 1, Marty (Michael J. Fox) traveled from 1985 back to 1955 in the time machine built by his scientist friend Doc (Christopher Lloyd). In 1955, his mom accidentally fell in love with him and he had to encourage his dad to pursue his mom so that he wouldn’t be erased in the future. In part 2, he traveled to 2015 to save his future kid, but in the process Biff (boss of Marty’s dad in 1985) stole the time machine, went back to 1955 and gave a 2015 almanac to his younger self so that he could become wealthy by gambling. Marty and Doc then traveled back to 1955 to destroy the almanac and rewind the change. In part 3, Marty traveled further back to 1885 to save and bring Doc back from the wild west. Whenever they interrupted an event in the past, they changed the future.

If we can really go back in time, I close my eyes and visualize … I was 10 and mom was chasing me at home with a feather duster (a tool to beat naughty kids as punishment in Asia), I jumped from sofa onto table, rushed out through the door after a wall bounce (this skill is called parkour later), I heard my mom’s voice behind, Don’t study and work as a stuntman in movies, next time she would lock the door first … I learned swimming and was nearly drowned, when I was throwing up all the sea water I drank, my dad who was supposed to look after me was still chatting with the girl at the beach … I can’t hear you, grandma said, so I cupped my hands over my mouth and pretended to shout loudly, but without any voice, grandma was startled, Oh I’m seriously deaf … After the PE class I relaxed with drinking soda in a hot summer afternoon in the school playground, a football flied from nowhere hit my soda, the bottle shattered into pieces … I taught my friend how to play squash, he hit a backhand swing but I was hit in eye by the squash ball, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, I couldn’t see for 2 weeks with a panda eye … At work, we celebrated the project delivery in the pub after months of hard work, a year later, we drank in the same pub on the day we were all being retrenched … Another year later I drank by myself in a different pub, we finally broke up, all I had given is not enough to maintain the relationship, I understood how people treat you has nothing to do with how you treat others, Fair enough, I eventually belong to myself, at the end my vision got blurry …

But the fact is that we won’t get any younger. One day when you look into the mirror, you’ll see the evidence that time passes. The world is different from what we first imagined. Throughout the years, you started to hide the rebel and start compromise. How many times did you pull yourself together after a sacrifice? What makes you to hold on and never give up? Think of your stubborn younger self in the past, the passion to the dreams that you believe. Let’s propose a toast with the bittersweet brewed by the memories, to everyone who had a brisk walk through life together with us.


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