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What Did You Catch?


Do you know what is the furthest distance in the world? It’s when I sit in front of you, you just focus on your phone and are not aware of my presence. I know I have no right to complain as you act the same way when you are having dinner with your parents. Rather than enjoying the meal and talking to your parents, you simply hang out at the online virtual world.

Although living in the same house, you hide yourself in your bedroom and the wall separates two different worlds – yours and your parents’. Do you remember what you said to your parents last time? Do you notice their hairs had turned grey and they have all sorts of aches when the weather changes? They won’t tell you but still take care of you everyday as they know you are busy with your phone.

In recent weeks, you spent a lot of time wandering on the street with others. You all just look at the screen of your phones like living zombies. You ignore everything around you and your only goal is to search for Pokemon. You feel like part of the crowd when chasing that Pikachu, but when the event is over, everyone just follow their maps and go in different directions.

No matter how many Pokemon you can catch, no matter how many gym battles you can win, do you know when you throw that Pokeball, you also throw away the precious moments of your life? Those treasured moments that you can spend with your family, your friends and your loved ones – which cannot be caught back by the Pokeball.


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