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A Little Dramatic Twist


One guy said to the other in a bar, “Your mom is so hot, I love her.”

The other guy said, “Dad, you have had too many drinks. Let’s go home.”

Today, her husband beat her again. She had got used to it now and did not groan or complain.

She simply got up and put the chessboard back, determined to beat him one day in the game he had mastered.

“Don’t ask for the change. Bring the change!”

Said the bus driver in a very annoyed tone.

The lowly clerk was caught red handed for accepting bride.

At home, his wife was waiting for her husband to bring the money for her daughter’s cancer treatment.

The petty, insignificant German tourist was being teased for his peculiar mustache.

With fire in his heart, “One day they will know my name” said Hitler to himself.

“Everyone goes with the flow but the one who goes against the flow becomes someone remarkable in life.”

Before I could explain this to the traffic police, he issued me a ticket.

“It’s a boy, it’s a boy!” He shouted coming out of the room.

“I am never coming back to Thailand!”

He grabbed her neck and smashed her head against the wall, screaming, “You destroyed my life! You destroyed my life!”

The alcohol bottle broke into tiny pieces, however leaving her smell on his clothes as the last memory.

Love was within her grasp, all that was needed was a little courage.

And a plan, to get rid of her husband.


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