This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


1. Getting Into A Fight
British chef Adam Steele was fired for head butting and punching a colleague. Deal with your frustrations before they escalate and cause you to behave badly. Remember how you behave while “off duty” can matter has much as when you are on the job. Avoid heavy drinking with colleagues and don’t allow a single moment of uncontrolled anger to ruin your career.

2. Social Media Rants
Racist, hateful, sexist and generally vile posts on social media have led to many dumb people getting fired. When your blood is boiling and your fingertips are poised over the keyboard, stop! Take a few deep breaths and get some perspective before posting anything. While it might feel great in the moment to let off steam and tell the world how aggrieved you are feeling, you might not like the consequences of your actions. Consider if there is a more productive way of dealing with the issue.

3. Just Not Doing Your Job
In US a guy was discovered in 2013 to have hired a Shanghai consultancy to do his job for him. He paid them a fifth of his salary and went undetected for years, even managing to win employee of the month awards on numerous occasions. If you are so bored in your job that you can’t bring yourself to do it, recognize it’s time to leave. While earning money for doing nothing may seem attractive, reflect on what really makes you happy in life and gives you a sense of fulfillment. For most people making a meaningful contribution is essential to thriving. Choose to work in roles and for organisations you enjoy.

4. Faking Your CV
Embellishing and downright lying on CVs has led to many people being fired from their job. Just don’t do it. Apply for roles you are qualified for and back yourself to get the job without lying. It’s ridiculous to think that no one will ever find out you have lied, so present who you are honestly. Being authentic in life is entirely more likely to enable you to thrive than cheating your way into positions you probably don’t deserve.

5. Avoidance
Despite their employer’s best efforts to help them, some people simply don’t want to listen or take responsibility. Take the opportunities you are given to understand how you need to and can improve. Ask trusted colleagues or advisers to give you honest feedback. Don’t immediately assume because your manager is giving you constructive feedback that they aren’t on your side. Honest feedback when delivered respectfully is vital when faced with the prospect of losing your job.


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