This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


1. Live in the moment.
Our physical body resides in the present, but most of the time our thoughts drift away to the distant past or the imagined future. It’s why we feel like days are so short, or that we’re always running out of time. Note that small moments make up our memories and our life. It’s what happens right now that should be our greatest concern and has the greatest impact on who we will be.

2. Don’t follow the herd; tread where your heart takes you.
The world needs more brave people who can stand up for their own decisions – people of principle and determination who are willing to dig in their heels because they know that it’s the right thing to do. Live fully and become the best version of ourselves. Discover where our true passions lie. Follow your own path; work with your core purpose; be a ray of light in this otherwise blindingly dark world.

3. Acknowledge different forms of success.
In this money-driven society, it’s quite a common misconception to measure success by how much you make. Money is important, but there are other forms of success that prove more valuable. Success in relationships, health, and career are better source of happiness and fulfillment than financial wealth.

4. Learn how to use obstacles as compasses.
What stands in the way becomes the way. Obstacles are not things we must overcome. They are things that will point us to the right direction; in other words, they are our pathways to success and fulfillment. Great things come before a turning point – people often encounter difficulties before they achieve success.

5. Aim for progress not perfection.
Both progress and perfection are good; but one of them breeds fear and undoing, while the other cultivates confidence and creativity. Perfectionism can be paralyzing, and most of the time, it only leads to fear, avoidance, and undoing. Progress on the other hand allows you to make mistakes; it emphasizes that there is no need for utmost perfection as long as you make progress every day. As you gain progress, you feel better, more confident, and more trustful of your skill.


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