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Just Go With It


I woke up early Sunday morning and got ready for the run. But suddenly it rained. Looking at the rain, so what? Had the run anyway. A true runner should enjoy running in the rain. When running through puddles, got muddy and I had the fun like when I was a kid again. Maybe it’s not how I planned it out, but that’s the best part about it. Sometimes the reason a situation you had carefully planned out went left instead of right is that there are other plans for you.

Just go with the flow and your memories will truly be unforgettable. Consider the rain a blessing. Some problems are just out of our control and there’s not much else we can do except adapt and figure out how to move on.

Your problems may be larger than a run. But if you start to see the small circumstances this way, you can certainly begin to see the larger issues this way also. Perhaps once you do change your mindset, you will realize that, in reality, every problem you face is not that a big deal.

There will definitely be moments when you won’t know what’s coming next, like those terrifying blind spots in your car, or rainy nights when you can’t see the road in front. However, if you keep moving ahead (even slowly), things will begin to clear up. Keep the faith and know you will reach where you want to be. The destination remains, and a little rain or blurred vision cannot change that.


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