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A Week At Work

monThe week started with a 3-paragraph email from QA manager to my manager complaining about the poor quality of software that we released to them. One of my best kept secrets from my colleagues is that I’m a blogger, a damn good one. So I replied the email with exactly 3 paragraphs. I admitted that we didn’t perform enough development testing, but the main problem was only 1 test cycle was scheduled. If issues are found, there is no time allocated for developers to fix the issues. So we are simply rushing to meet the deadline due to poor planning. Everyone in the project is accountable, don’t blame only us. Don’t make yourself look good by making others look bad. Focus more on improving our products than playing politics.

tueI don’t understand why some people like keep looking in the past. Someone found that one requirement was not implemented in the previous release to customer. This got escalated quickly to senior management and I was being questioned like I had committed a serious crime regarding how this was missed. Although I couldn’t remember what had happened a year ago, I dig deep into my emails and found the customer had agreed in one email that the requirement was not required to support in that release. I forwarded the email to everyone and everyone shut up. I didn’t expect an apology. But where were you guys when we were working hard for the project? Then why did you start finger-pointing when there were issues? Don’t amplify little things like end of the world – we are in business, not kids in kindergarten.

wedToday one of my closed colleagues asked me whether I asked the girl in his team out but got rejected. I was curious where this question came from. He said the girl told him someone in the office had asked her out but she’s not interested. Then everyone thought that guy is me. I felt it’s interesting and replied with a smile, “It’s normal in life that you like someone and someone doesn’t like you.” I come to work just to do my job, not to gossip or catch up with others’ dramas. And I really don’t care how others think about me. Did I actually ask her out? Well … I don’t owe anyone any explanation.

thuOur Director offered his favorite contractor a permanent role. I was informed that the salary offered to him is more than mine. Normally I’ll be happy for people who are good and get what they deserve. But the performance of that contractor is just average and it’s ridiculous that a team member is paid more than the team lead. An organisation should reward people in fairness, otherwise, you just piss everyone off. Although I understand life is unfair, this doesn’t mean we need to accept it regardless. I’d never be the Director’s favorite, so I applied 3 jobs online tonight. But before I get a new job, I’ll still act professionally as a team lead in here – just a bit relaxed from now.

friSometimes it seems the world is just against you. I got a headache and should take a sick leave. Instead I swallowed 2 Panados and went back to work. While we were busy working on a project, the Project Manager of another project asked me to analyze an urgent issue for him. I told him nicely that I was busy and I’ll look at it next Monday. It’s then again escalated to the Director that a status update was required by today. So I stopped everything, took another 2 Panados during lunch and analyzed the issue for him. The work fortunately didn’t take long, I completed my analysis by 2pm. I summarized my findings in an email, but waited until 4:55pm then sent the email out before I turned off my PC and headed home. I was sure he’d come back with more requests, but this would be next week’s problem, I simply had enough this week. That’s what I learned from here – throw the ball back to others in the last minute. I started taking it easy now. Have a good weekend!


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