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A One Way Trip

vivianHi Vivian, I didn’t see you for months now. We used to travel in the same carriage of the train in the same time of every work day morning. I don’t even know your name, but Vivian seems to suit you – pretty, well presented, and has a style. Your dark brown dyed hair gives your Asian face a western look. I guess you work as an executive assistant or a secretary. You normally spend some time during the trip in your makeup. You are slim and healthy – I was startled when you took out the 1-liter water bottle from your handbag and kept drinking.

So how are you doing lately? Did you change job or move home? I sat behind you the other day and saw you were browsing refrigerators on your phone. Is that for your new place? Hopefully you are not getting married. But it’s none of my business now and we may never meet each other again. Sometimes I imagine that you will sit beside me one day and I will pump up my courage to talk to you. But this may never happen.

journeyWe all have one or more Vivian in our life. We don’t feel significant when they are here, but we will miss them after they are gone. Life is like a one way trip. You start your journey with your family, then more passengers get on board. Some are happy, some in deep thoughts, some look upset, and some are busy throughout the trip. You may not be aware when they get off, but you will memorize some of them in your heart.

Just enjoy the journey. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, you can’t go back to admire. No matter how you don’t want to let go, the trip will end one day. Happiness is not about how much you own, it’s about how much you don’t care for. Stop chasing the things that are not supposed to be yours, you already have everything you need to be happy. Don’t wait for someone to light up your life, the match is already in your hand.


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