This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

urbaneI’m not a fashionable person and I only buy things that are needed. Two things I’m willing to spend money for the top quality are running shoes and badminton rackets. Last year I got my most expensive watch ever bought – a $250 smart watch. Other than my old watch had stopped working and I needed a new watch, I’m also fascinated by the functions it can provide on my wrist such as navigation and heart-rate monitor. But it ends up with my eyes are not good enough for the small screen. Although I don’t chase luxury brands, when I looked back the products that I purchased in recent years, I found I had built a brand loyalty: running shoes – ASICS, badminton rackets – Yonex, phones and tablets – Google Nexus, MP3 players – Apple, TVs – Panasonic, cars – Mazda.

happyCan material possessions bring us happiness? I think they can only bring short-term satisfaction, may be a few weeks or a few months. How many times did you find an item on the shelf that you only used it a few times or you even never used it? All possessions are temporary. Once the package is opened, they begin to fade. Remember we only have our bodies when we come to this world and we cannot take anything out of it when we leave – no matter it’s Gucci or Prada. Happiness should be something that can deeply touch your heart – simple things like: giving up your seat to an elderly on train, resolving a complicated issue at work, supporting your friends when they are down, taking your parents out to dinner, a hug to your loved one. There are always valuable pursuits of lasting fulfillment available to us.

happinessIn the journey of life, we are busy making a living and forget to make a life, busy showing off and forget to grow up, busy planning the future and forget to live in the moment. Every experience in life is an limited edition. Try to walk slower and admire the scenery around you more. To live a happy life, be as simple as you can be. Your value is not determined by how similar you are to other people, but by how unique you are. You can do better. You can dream bigger. It’s our love and passion that drive us forward. Redirect your desires toward lasting pursuits. Find happiness there. The best things in life aren’t things. You will never find the right things when you are looking in the wrong places.

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.
– Democritus


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