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Give Your Best Shot

screenwriitngWhat is your childhood dream? To be a doctor, scientist, or teacher? As I grew up with movies and TV dramas, other than a superhero to save the world, I want to be a screenwriter – tell great stories and have the power to determine the fate of my characters. As time went by, I pursued a different career path. Although I do not become a screenwriter, I’m still doing something that is related to writing – write software and blog posts.

growupWe all are kids who refuse to grow up in life. We don’t know the secrets that life tries to tell us and what is our purpose in being here. We bravely accept whatever the world throws at us, no matter good or bad. We learn from all the setbacks and heartbreaks. We turn into a different person according to others’ standards of success and failure. And eventually we understand that other than courage and toughness, growing up also involves sacrifices.


happyLife is not like the movies, it won’t have a grand setting or a romantic storyline. It cannot be rehearsed, no retake and no rewind. But life can still be beautiful. Failures are just part of life in the big picture, it doesn’t mean our life is wasted. We simply learn the lessons, move on and take the chance to start over again. Just give your best shot in all your acts as the show must go on. Put the dreams that you left behind in your bucket list and ignite your internal flame once again. Happiness is in the chasing of your dreams, not whether they can be fulfilled or not. Believe in yourself and your dreams will believe in you.


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