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Forgive Yourself


Forgive yourself. Life still hold a new chance to become a better person.
– Lailah Gifty Akita

Everyone has some regrets in life that they cannot deal with. It’s human nature to make mistakes and they are part of our life that define who we are as a person. It is normal to feel sorrow and regretful over our mistakes; some of them cannot be reversed once they are made. So we need to forgive ourselves and move on with our life as we cannot fix those mistakes anymore. This does not mean we are pretending that they never happened, it means that we have learned the important lessons from them to help us become a better person.

Sometimes, we tend to forget what we have achieved and done in the past. You would not be where you are today without your actions of the past as they have played a significant role in shaping your life. It is always important to remind yourself of your great achievements in times of your distress. There will always be questions of what ifs but remember that life is hard. Be grateful of what you have done so far to get where you are now. Forgive yourself for getting into these hard situations and use your knowledge from your past achievements to overcome them.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
– Omar Khayyam


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