This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


Don’t avoid me. Be the friend … the loved one you’ve always been.

Touch me. A simple squeeze of my hand can tell me you still care.

Call me to tell me you’re bringing my favorite dish and what time you are coming. Bring food in disposable containers, so I don’t have to worry about returns.

Take care of my children for me. I need a little time to be alone with my loved one. My children may also need a little vacation from my illness.

Weep with me when I weep. Laugh with me when I laugh. Don’t be afraid to share this with me.

Take me out for a pleasure trip, but know my limitations.

Call for my shopping list and make a special delivery to my home.

Call me before you visit, but don’t be afraid to visit. I need you. I am lonely.

Help me celebrate holidays by decorating my hospital room or home, or bring me tiny gifts, flowers or other natural treasures.

Help my family. I am sick, but they may be suffering, too. Offer to come and stay with me to give my loved ones a break. Invite them out. Take them places.

Be creative. Bring me a book of thoughts, taped music, a poster for my wall, cookies to share with my family and friends …

Let’s talk about it. May be I need to talk about my illness. Find out by asking me: “Do you feel like talking about it?”

Don’t always feel we have to talk. We can sit silently together.

Can you take my children or me somewhere? I may need transportation to a treatment, to the store, to the doctor.

Help me feel good about my looks. Tell me I look good, considering my illness.

Please include me in decision-making. I’ve been robbed of so many things. Please don’t deny me a chance to make decisions in my family or in my life.

Talk to me about the future. Tomorrow, next week, next year. Hope is so important to me.

Bring me a positive attitude. It’s catching!

What’s in the news? Magazines, photos, newspapers, verbal reports keep me from feeling the world is passing me by.

Could you help me with some cleaning? During my illness, my family and I still face dirty clothes, dirty dishes and a dirty house.

Water my flowers.

Just send a card to say, “I care.”

Tell me what you’d like to do for me and, when I agree, please do it!


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