This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

planningAt work, I always emphasize the importance of planning in the project cycle. Developers should not start coding before the requirements are clarified, tasks are scheduled, and the Gantt chart is produced. Other project teams may focus more on the development process instead of planning. There is no right or wrong approach in managing a project. Each method has its own goods and bads. Like some people prefer more organized and others have no problem in living in chaos. In the end, it all comes down to maintaining a balance. If you demand to make every step that is correct, no matter how good you plan, you will never proceed without the first step. But if you keep moving forward without a big picture in mind, you may end up at a wrong destination.

lifeplanWe can try our best to plan at work, but how about life? In our youth, we wondered what profession we will study, what job we will get, when we will get married, how many kids we will have. But life is full of surprises and its course will never run smooth. The chapter that you didn’t revise got asked in the exam; your car was hit in an accident; you liked someone but that someone liked someone else; you spent all your energy at work but eventually you were retrenched. It’s all those unexpected moments that shape our life. It’s the bumps along the way, the forks in the road, the people we pick up and the wrong turns that lead us to where we are now.

wavesWe really have no control over what will happen in life. It’s liked a rough sea, the more you fight against it, the more you suffer. But if you go with the flow, you may ride the waves and reach places you never knew. You cannot study your dream profession but you discover your talent in another profession; your survival in that car accident teaches you that life should not be taken for granted and you should cherish every moment; although you and someone cannot become lovers, you end up having your best friend for a lifetime; that retrenchment reminds you that there are always family and friends there for you in the bad times. Life lessons will keep repeating until they are learnt.

unknownLife is never going to work out how you planned, so embrace the unexpected with open arms. Let the possibility of change excite you and explore the unknown future through time. It’s the unplanned that brings new meaning to life and adds vitality to our seemingly boring lives. Life is a mystery. Follow your heart and do what you really want to do. You don’t get a do-over of life, make it special. Let go of expectations and control. One of the greatest joy in life is simply finding your own order among the chaos.


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