This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


  1. Self-sabotaging habits. Work on being kind and loving to yourself.
  2. Perfection. Waiting to do something until the timing is perfect often means you’ll never do it at all.
  3. Saying you’ll do things “someday”. This life is not a dress rehearsal.
  4. Trying to please everyone all the time. You’ll never be everything to everyone and that’s fine.
  5. Living the life that everyone else has planned for you. It’s time to design your life the way you want to live it.
  6. The pressure to spend your entire career at a 9-5 job you don’t love. Make a point to find your passion today.
  7. Being paralyzed by fear. Remember the biggest risk is often doing nothing; the biggest risk is that you’ll wake up years from now and wish you would have acted on your dreams.
  8. Neglecting yourself. You can best serve the world when you take care of yourself.
  9. Toxic relationships. You deserve to spend time with people who are uplifting.
  10. Letting your past define your future.
  11. Constantly competing with people. Focus on your path and work on improving yourself every day.
  12. Sitting on the sidelines. Life’s too short to sit there and watch it pass you by just because you don’t think you are good enough.
  13. Items you don’t need. Decluttering your life is incredibly freeing.
  14. Trying to be good at everything. Instead, focus on being great at a few things that line up with your priorities and strengths.
  15. Thinking you can’t make a difference right now. It’s often possible to turn a difficult job into an amazing mission, right where you are.
  16. Always saying yes. Learn to say no to certain commitments so you can say yes to what matters most to you.
  17. Excuses. Decide what you want and go get it.
  18. Procrastination and inaction.
  19. Blaming others.
  20. Self-doubt and negativity. You really can live an amazing and fulfilling life that you love. It’s time to work on having a great mindset.
  21. Thinking small. There truly is power in thinking big.
  22. Time-wasting activities that prevent you from working toward your meaningful goals.
  23. Being “too busy” to do what matters most to you.
  24. Worrying about what others think of you. It’s time to find your tribe of like-minded, encouraging people, and blaze the trail you want to blaze.
  25. Being closed-minded. Great innovations happen when people dare to dream about possibilities.
  26. Refusing to try new things. You never know what you might love. Life is so much richer with new experiences.
  27. Feeling unworthy of your dreams.
  28. Thinking your dreams are impossible. Set big goals and surround yourself with people who encourage, support, and inspire you to reach them.

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