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One Bite At A Time


Sometimes when my blog views are down, I wonder is it worth to continue doing this. But when I think about it, if there is only one person read about what I post today – I’m actually doing fine. I need to appreciate every reader. When I remember that just reaching a single reader is my goal, it’s worth to continue doing this. Statistics are just a vanity metric.

Taking anything for granted is bad. Taking your audience for granted is even worse. You need to appreciate everyone, every single person who cares about what you do. They’re real people, they have their own lives and feelings, and they decided to spend some of their time on you.

When Jobs and Wozniak started Apple, they didn’t try to sell a thousand computers, they sold one computer first. When Green Day started making music, they were selling one record at a time to people they talked to at their shows. When any billion dollar startup first kicked off, they did not have hundreds of customers and advocates, they reached one customer first.

Take on a manageable piece of work that you can accomplish and do it well, one at a time. I still remember the feeling when I got my first view, first like, first comment, first subscriber of this blog. Treasure everyone around you in life, they are all here for a reason. Starting small does not mean you have to finish small. Be patient. There is a saying that goes, “Eating the world one bite at a time”. It’s the only way to do it.


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