This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


In a recent project meeting, I informed the customers that we currently have some software issues and we need more time to resolve them. After a number of emails were exchanged, I was questioned by senior management regarding why I told customers about our problems. My boss even hurried to provide an apology. They said they will formulate a strategy and take care the situation. They then proposed a Plan B (reduced scope to meet the deadline) to customers and got rejected straight away. I asked them whether there is a Plan C. They said no and we’re back to Plan A. What is Plan A then? Plan A is to keep working on the issues just like now. I was stunned. We took a round trip and back to the beginning. People in senior positions who manage a company should be smart, if not then at least have a common sense. Sometimes I don’t understand why people prefer politics than the truth.

We all have our own unique problems. But the pain we are going through is temporary. When you get out of this mess, your story will inspire other people who are going through hard times themselves. Let your life be your anecdote. If you need an example for this, well, you’re reading it. This is my testimony. Maybe I don’t understand why you have to go through the things you do. Perhaps I have not walked in your shoes. Just like you won’t understand the problems I’m facing. But what I do know is that it will pass. However, you can’t just hope it blows over. You have to put in the conscious effort and strength to press on and fight for what you deserve. It will be hard at times and you will get frustrated.

Every little part of the journey is beautiful, no matter how precious or even how unfortunate. We can live above and beyond any circumstance because we are strong and we have the willpower. Get out there and show your life who is really in charge!


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