This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

The Best Things In Life


What makes us genuinely happy? While money is important, the best things in life are often priceless, such as your friends and family. There is no better gift than the memories you have with them. Joy can be found in the small, everyday things. Check out the followings – the best things in life are normally not “things” and most of the time – they are free.

Getting into your bed with fresh sheets.
Sitting by a crackling fire that warms your body through.
Taking an adventure through a beautiful location you’ve never visited.
Going for a long run and feeling healthy and accomplished.
Listening to your favorite song.
Cuddling underneath the blankets on a cold morning with your partner.
Getting a good night’s sleep.
Winning a competition you entered.
Knowing you have someone who have your back, no matter what happens in the future.
Knowing someone truly loves you for who you really are.
Having a healthy and loving relationship with your parents.
Eating a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal.
Looking in your pets eyes and seeing devotion and love.
Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset with a loved one.
When you finally achieve a goal or dream you have been working towards.
Listening to the sound of rainfall through the window.
A peaceful, relaxing walk through your favorite location.
Receiving a compliment from someone you respect.
Laughing until your ribs hurt and your eyes are streaming – but you still can’t stop laughing.
Thinking back to funny high school memories with your childhood best friends.
Making a stranger smile by smiling at them.
Choosing to do a good deed for someone when you didn’t have to.
Having the day off work and treating yourself to a lazy day.
Looking through old holiday photographs and remembering the sun on your skin.
The first time the love of your life tells you that they love you.
When you find out the person you are attracted to is attracted to you.
Listening to the sounds of wave crashing on the beach.
Watching the stars with your friends and trying to find the constellation.
Finding something you thought you had lost.
Making a child laugh or smile.
Jumping in a big pile of leaves during fall.
Taking off your shoes after a long and tiring day.
Visiting your family for the holidays.
Dancing around your bedroom to a feel-good song while you’re alone.
The excitement of attending a special occasion, like a birthday or a holiday.
Overcoming a difficult challenge.
Getting great results on a test or exam.
The smell of freshly baked bread.


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