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Skyline at Night


If there are places in Hong Kong that do not change much, St John’s Cathedral is one of them. The cathedral is located in Hong Kong’s financial district – Central. You will walk past it on your way to catch the cable tram up to Victoria Peak. It is the oldest Western ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong. Its interior has some beautiful stained glass windows. The building and its charming surrounding always make me feel calm and relaxed. Other than providing church services and other community activities, people can also request to get married in the church. I remember the dream many years ago in my youth to have my wedding in St John’s Cathedral. It sounds naive today and feels bittersweet that not all dreams can come true.


Hong Kong is famous for its skyline at night. A popular spot to view the skyline is from the Victoria Peak – a mountain in the Hong Kong Island side. People can catch the cable trams to go up to Victoria Peak. There are places in Hong Kong that change a lot and I cannot even recognize them now – Victoria Peak is one of them. I remember when I was young, my family occasionally went hiking in Victoria Peak with other relatives. Each family prepared some food and we had lunch in one of the picnic areas. Nowadays there are shopping malls and restaurants in Victoria Peak. People will now wander around shopping malls and have their meals in the restaurants when they visit Victoria Peak. If you don’t mind to pay, you can enjoy the cityscape of Hong Kong from the viewing deck. As a city develops, it also changes people’s habits and lifestyles. Everything becomes more convenient but the original purpose of travelling is lost.

Life is a journey with ups and downs. We normally keep chasing our dreams and ignore the people and scenery around us. Only when you look back, you’ll find it is so beautiful. The best part of travel is the detachment from ordinary life and the experience from a wholly new perspective. While travelling you will remember those long lost sweet memories, and also let go those that you should let go for long time.


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