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The Beauty of Travel

Tian Tan Buddha - Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha – Lantau Island, Hong Kong

This November, I traveled back to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong, I joined a tour to Korea. Despite the still hot November weather of Hong Kong, I walked up 250 stairs to visit the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island. In Korea, other than visiting historical sites, I went hiking in Gyeongju to see the autumn red leaves, climbed up to the top of Sunrise Peak and admired the distance view, and first time in life I used my body language to order Korean meals and ask for directions.

Bulguksa Temple - Gyeongju, Korea

Bulguksa Temple – Gyeongju, Korea

The beauty of travel is not about escaping from work. By the way, your work will actually wait for you to come back to finish it. The beauty of travel is to step out from the world that you are familiar with and experience something new. It’s always amazing to observe a foreign city from a tourist’s perspective – the history, the people, the language and the culture. While you are wandering around freely, everyone in that city is busy as usual. You start wondering what they do for a living and what makes them happy. You may admire the scene in front or get lost in the alleys, no matter good or bad, you will never forget those travel moments. One day when you look back, you will realize these experiences actually matured you and made you to understand yourself better.

Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) - Jeju, Korea

Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) – Jeju, Korea

Travel can be addicted, like life, once it’s started, the only way is to move forward. You won’t know what you will encounter ahead. Some people like you and some don’t. Some may see you as their world and some just don’t give a damn. You will confuse at some point but in the end you understand your happiness is not dependent on others – it’s only dependent on your own attitude toward life. If there are roads that you need to walk them alone, have the courage to travel by yourself. Even sometimes it is disappointed, at least you saw the scenery and gained the experience. If your days are repeated throughout the year, how do you know what kind of life you want to live?

Busan, Korea

Busan, Korea


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