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A New Beginning


During lunch, my colleague asked me to go to the shopping mall with him to buy a present.

“Who’s the present for?” I asked.

He replied, “My ex.”

“You still contact with your ex?” I was surprised.

“Yes, we dined together sometimes and I helped her moving house. So I want to buy her a gift for her new home.”

Dined together? Moving house? Gift? To your ex? Seriously?

But everyone handles things differently. My ex and I didn’t see each other since we broke up. We may even try to avoid each other. Just imagine one day if she called and asked me for a favour, how will I respond? Will I like my colleague? Or will I decline straight away?

Dear Ex,

Long time no see, I hope you are doing well. One night I drove past your place and saw there was still light through your bedroom window. Still sleeping late? I wish you won’t work too hard like before. Be honest, I tried hard to let go of you and start a new life. But when I meet someone who smile and talk like you, when I hear your favourite songs being played on the radio, when I visit those places that we used to go – they all remind me about you. Then I understand to let go someone is actually not to forget that person, but keep those happy memories we had shared together in the heart.

We meet around two million nine hundred and twenty thousand other persons throughout our life. The probability of two people falling in love is 0.000049. So I won’t fault you if you don’t love me. But I’m still grateful that my 0.000049 had struck once in my life.

I sincerely hope that you will find someone that will understand and love you more in your next journey. Sometimes I wonder who will be the one you will get married to, and will I recognize your future kids when I see them. There are always more questions than answers. But they are not that important any more. Although we can’t hug like before, contact me if you need help on anything. I will do whatever I can for you, as you once occupied such an important position in my world.

Finally, be happy and take care.

Your Ex

Relationship only works when you meet the right person in the right time. You will never know who you will meet ahead. We all fail from time to time, it’s just part of life. Don’t just accept it. Strong people fought their battles, lost, and moved on to a new beginning. If you can’t find your happy ending, look for a new beginning.


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