This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


I always wonder why my colleagues still have coffee outside when there is a coffee machine in the office. Eventually I understand it’s not the taste of the coffee. Sometimes you just need to get some fresh air outside and relax. Now during workday after lunch, like my colleagues, I would walk down the Café and have a coffee there.

As one becomes mature, life will be adjusted without notice. You’ll prefer a decent meal in a restaurant instead of fast food, eat slower, really taste the food, and have a cup of tea or coffee after the meal. You start enjoying the bitterness. You start paying attention to details and observing people around you. You understand although the waitress smiles at you, it doesn’t mean she likes you – it’s simply the basic politeness to customers.

Wisdom comes with age. After all the life lessons are learned – you will treat yourself when you have the spare money; you will make the doctor’s appointment right away when you notice something is wrong early on; other than pure entertainment, you will watch the movies and read the books that make you feel good and can inspire you; you will have a clear vision and know how to navigate through each crisis. At one time you will understand no matter how you can’t bear the lost, someone will still walk out of your life; the job is just a tool to earn a living; and life is too short to fulfill all the dreams.

Life has so many things to be proud of. One day when you look back, those rejections from others, the mistakes you had made, the issues at work – they are actually not that important. Everything happens when it needs to happen. Good things fall apart so better things can pull together. Everyone is where they need to be. People change so you can learn to let go. You will never miss out on what is meant for you, even if it has to come in a round trip.

If there is one message I want you to take from this post, it’s that – We Can Be Happy. Our attitudes determine everything. We choose how to live our life. So just enjoy it as much as you can and fill yourself with joy. And accept what life throws at you – the good, the bad, the bitter, the sweet. Life is like a cup of coffee – in the end all that is bitter will be sweet.

Note: “All that is bitter will be sweet” is extracted from Rumi’s poem.


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