This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


1. What others think
Start making decisions on what feels right to you instead of what will appease those around you. The less you care about what others think and want, the more you can create the life you want for yourself.

2. What others want you to do
You can succeed without a roadmap, it may just take a little longer. You can reflect on others’ input in your life but blindly following someone else’s wishes can end with you living someone else’s life and not yours.

3. What others are doing
You can’t compare yourself to those around you because it is just going to fill your heart with jealousies and desires which aren’t even yours. Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing and do what you want to do with your life.

4. How you’ll look to others
We always wonder what others will say about us. So instead of living the life we’re capable of, we live a people-pleasing life. If you pay little attention to what others think, you’ll take more risks, live more passionately and achieve more of your dreams.

5. Others’ expectations
The problem with others’ expectations to you is that it only allows for others to feel content to see you fulfilling their expectations. When you dance to their tune, you live their life and fail to live yours. If you wish to live authentically, be oblivious to the expectations of others.

6. Naysayers
You already have an inner self-critic to deal with. You don’t have time for other critics to chime in. Learning to ignore those who are continuously negative to you is a divine practice. You can love them as people but know that their fear-based living causes them to be harsh towards you.

7. Having to explain yourself
Make polite talk and listen to what they have to say to you. Stop putting on airs to look better, richer or more important. Life’s too short to be putting up a facade. The more layers you put on and the more layers of untruths you mask, the less authentic life you live.

8. Your past
Moving on from our past is difficult sometimes because our past defines and bonds us. Forgive today by side-stepping your ego. Ask for forgiveness if you have to. And break free of the shackles of your past. You can only be the bright shining light today if you can unveil the heavy fog of your past.

9. Who you should be
Stop bothering intensely about what the society and people around you want. They are not going to judge you at the end of your life. Only you’re going to judge yourself of how you lived your life. You should listen to your heart and intuition. Do what feels right to you.

10. Your inadequacies
Instead of dwelling on what your shortfalls or problems you have in life are, be ready to deal with it. Work on the issues and pain you have but don’t allow it to define you. Focus on your potential, not your deficiencies.


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