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A Beautiful Soul

Lilica lives in a slum. The woman who adopts her always wonders where Lilica goes every evening.


Eventually she finds out. Lilica walks over a mile along the highway to a place far away.


She has an appointment with professor Lucia Helena de Souza.


It turns out that the two have met every night at 9 o’clock for years.


The professor became very fond of Lilica so she began feeding her. But the dog never ate everything by herself, but takes it with her home.


Consequently, the professor began to cook more hominy for the dog, so that she had more to take with her.


Lilica carries the packet the entire mile back. She was not just adopted by one person, but rather she herself has adopted other animals of the slum.


But, she doesn’t just bring her food to little puppies. Her pack includes other animals.


There are 2 dogs in this pack.


A cat that Lilica cares for like a mother.


And even a family of chickens that Lilica supports to the best of her ability.


They all eat what Lilica brings. Every day the animals know that they will not need to go to sleep hungry. They owe this to Lilica.


These eyes speak unending volumes. Lilica has been blessed with a keen and kind-hearted soul. She is more human than most humans.


She treks over 2 miles every day to care for the ones she has adopted. She is a quiet benefactor like one no one has ever seen.


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