This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


To my QA:
First of all, if I upset you in past few weeks, I apologize. I was impatient and sometimes rude when issues were reported to me in last minutes. As this leaves me no options, I can only accept the schedule delay. However I should not show my anger, especially in front of a girl like you. Please understand I also have pressure in delivering projects on time. I promise I’ll control my temper and behave myself better in the future. Thank you for your contributions so far, you’re still my favourite QA and sometimes … I wish I knew you earlier.

To my Developer:
I have a love-hate feeling about you. You did a lot of hard work but you also created some major problems. Please spend more time in understanding the requirements before jump into the code immediately. What you want is different from what the customer wants. By the way, most of your assumptions are wrong. You can’t keep hacking code for a lifetime; you need to improve your writing and communication skills. I won’t be here forever to cover you in those areas. Finally please be careful about what you tell other people as your opinions had gotten me into trouble more than once.

To my Manager:
After you joined the company, my world just turns upside down. You always say yes to all the requests despite whether you have resources to work on them or not. And worse, you normally assign those requests to me. Please understand I’m as busy as everyone in the team. I’m not good at multitasking and this simply stresses me out. According to my performance appraisal, I’m just rated by you as an average performer. So please don’t pin all your hopes on me. You can simply protect us by saying no if you don’t have adequate resources available. You are more senior than me and you don’t really need my advice, right?

To the Architect:
Mr Architect, there are many people in the organisation who are more technical competent than me. I may sound like an expert of everything, but I just got the information from others. Sometimes I even don’t understand your questions. So please don’t totally rely on me to solve all the technical issues. Nowadays I simply let my developers to do the job. Please don’t frequently absent from the conference calls with customers, I’m just an introvert being put in an extrovert position – I’m not good at presentations and technical discussions. Do you remember you interviewed me 2 years ago and hired me? I hate you whenever I think about this.

To the Director:
Are you surprised that I had the gut to argue with you the other day? I don’t have interest in politics and the keyword “escalate” has no effect to me. Even you complain to the CEO, I will still stand by my decision. Please don’t blame all the problems to my team. We should all work as a group, not fighting against each other. My team is working very hard in the front line and the last thing we need is someone to set a fire at the back. Also, please don’t pretend you are not aware of all the problems as you are cc’d on all the emails. You didn’t read them is simply not an excuse.


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