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Late Night Musings


The initial symptoms are always sore throat, headache, cough, then runny noise. When I woke up in the night, sweating from the fever, I knew I got the flu again. How did I get it? Was that the cough from my colleague or the sneeze from the person behind me in the train? Or did I just not wear enough in this winter? People only value their health when they are sick. I promise after I recovered, I will eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise more … until sometime I don’t care and give up again.

After being single all these years, I get used to do things by myself – dining alone, watch movies alone, run alone, travel alone, go to work and back home alone. But when I’m sick, that emptiness is somehow unbearable. I don’t have many friends in the circle – strictly speaking, 61 in Facebook. I normally do not ask my friends for help as I understand everyone have their own problems to deal with. Except that night I needed to call a friend to pick me up and drive me back home after that accident. My car was hit by a 4-wheel drive that rushed through a red light. I still remembered his jaw dropped when my friend saw my smashed car, “Dame, you are very lucky to be alive!”

After a certain age, life will start doing minus to you – you will have fewer friends who you can talk to, family members will pass away, and even your loved ones will leave. You won’t notice when things started changing – we talk less, our dreams fade, relationships fall apart, then … no more. Some people that we meet in our life are simply for the break up in the end. But it’s often the person who stays for only a short time that ends up making a lasting impression in our hearts. We become a stronger person by learning more about ourselves from those life’s lessons. You understand eventually not everyone is necessary to treat you right or be together with you, the one who take care of you is simply yourself.

Dawn came and I survived another night. Without a good night sleep, I was tired and had a body ache. However time never stops for anyone, no matter you are healthy or sick, together or alone. Life still moves on and I should be grateful that I’m still alive. Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and sometimes we must suffer the pain to experience the joy.


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