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Mum’s Lies


When not enough food was prepared, mum gave me a portion of her food and said, “Eat this, son. I’m not hungry.”

Mum sometimes needed to work night shifts and sleep during daytime. But she would wake up occasionally and play with me. I told her she should get some sleep and she answered, “That’s fine. I’m not tired.”

I hated eating fish in my childhood, in order to give me a balanced nutrition, mum made the fish soup and told me, “Drink this, it’s just chicken soup.”

When we walked along the garden paths, mum would say, “Don’t touch the flowers as they eat kids.” This was really freaking me out.

When I tried to touch the mole on her face, mum said, “Don’t touch, it’s a button, press it and I’ll explode.” I pressed it once while mum was sleeping, she didn’t explode.

When I found my present on Christmas Day, mum said, “Santa came last night and said this is a reward to a kid for being nice this year.”

When there was a thunderstorm outside, mum said, “You will be struck by lightning if you are not nice to your parents.” So when I watched the news on TV that people were struck by lightning, I would yell, “Mum, they are not nice to their parents!”

When it was time for her to retire, mum carried on working. When I asked her why, she replied, “I’ll get bored if I retire from my work.”

After I got a job, I tried to give her more money but she refused, “I have enough money. You’d better save for your future.”

When mum was sick and had to be stayed in the nursing home, I visited her every night after work. Mum always tried to smile and said, “Don’t upset, son. I’m not in pain. This is the path we all follow.”

Mum, I also lied to you occasionally. The one that I lied most was: “Mum, I’m fine.”


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