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I’ll Be There


When I first arrived Australia, I shared a 2-bedroom apartment near the university with Ed. Ed was also from Hong Kong and studying Accounting. There is always a fatty friend in our life. Ed was overweight. He liked to eat and kept eating all the time. Although we lived together, we were not that close. He was studying full time and driving part-time taxi while I was working full time and studying part-time. He normally drove night shifts in weekends and slept during daytime. Occasionally when we were both tired from study or work, we’d drink beer and chat on the balcony, enjoy the city scene in a distance. And our friendship developed slowly.

We were roommates for 2 years until I needed to find a new place as my parents were migrating to Australia. We had our last dinner in a Thai restaurant on the night I was moving out. After a few glasses of beer, he became upset, after he put a large piece of curry chicken in his mouth; he revealed that he has broken up with his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

“I’ll never trust long distance relationship anymore,” Ed said.

I tried to comfort him, “Well, if the relationship really can’t be saved, let it go, don’t hang yourself on one tree. Mourn for some time, learn the lessons and move forward.”

I didn’t know whether my advices were appropriate. Ed just kept looking at his glass of beer. We shake hands outside the restaurant. Then we lost contact until 10 years later.

Dear friend I promise you
The sun will always rise
And I’ll be by your side
Everything will be alright

I know there are times
When trouble things get in your way
Dear friend don’t be afraid
I’m only just one step away

I was walking on the street and someone called my name from behind. I turned and looked at the guy with a familiar round face. “You don’t recognize me? I’m Ed!” I really couldn’t recognize him; his size was nearly doubled since I last saw him. Still keep eating without exercise? As I was in a rush, we just exchanged our mobile numbers.

Ed contacted me after a week and asked me out for a drink. He was an accountant now and got married for 3 years. It seemed there was a pattern to Ed, he started complaining after a few glasses of beer, “My wife moved back to Hong Kong for taking care of her parents. Without her, I feel so lonely here. Last night we had an argument over the phone.”

Ed, my profession is not in psychiatry. “Why don’t you go back Hong Kong and visit her?”

“I don’t have any annual leaves left,” Ed replied.

I sighed, “Then think about what is more important in your life, your job or your wife?”

As usual, Ed kept looking at his glass of beer, mumbled, “I love that sow, may be I can work as a taxi driver in Hong Kong.” That was the first time I heard someone called his wife “sow” and preferred to drive taxi than an accounting job.

Few weeks later, Ed called me. He was in Hong Kong and complained about its weather, pollution, congestion, traffic, people … He added at the end, “But my wife is happy to see me here.” I didn’t ask how long he’ll stay in Hong Kong, the more important was that they were happy at the moment. Life is just a journey to discover who you are and what you love.

I’ll be there to love and comfort you
When you’re feeling blue I will get you through
Remember you’re not alone
Life is hard but I’m with you

I’ll be there to love and comfort you
When you’re feeling blue I will get you through
Remember you’re never alone
For you I will be true and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do

There are friends who come and go in our life for a reason. 10 years ago, I also broke up with my girlfriend in Hong Kong. I also don’t trust long distance relationship anymore. “Let it go. Mourn for some time, learn the lessons and move forward.” By comforting Ed, I was comforting myself. 10 year later, I had a strong argument with her and we didn’t contact each other for months. Ed made the choice to reunite with his wife, I didn’t. How much sacrifices are required in order to love a person? The longest distance in life is when we are just steps apart but you are never aware that I’m there.

Sometimes it is life
No matter how hard you try
It’s solely making you cry
But I have faith in you
That you will shine

Lyrics: I’ll Be There – Eva Chan (Theme Song of HKTV Drama “The Election”)


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