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In Japan, Kabedon has been one of the trends of the year. Kabedon originally refers to the situation when your neighbors are too noisy, you hit the wall to complain and warn them to lower their volume. As most of the walls in Japan are made of wood, it makes a “don” sound when someone hit on it. In Japanese, “kabe” means wall and “don” being the sound of someone hitting on the wall.

Nowadays, Kabedon has a different meaning. If you happen to watch a lot of anime or read manga that features tough guys, there’s almost invariably a scene in which the tough guy is leaning over a girl for a smooch, pressing her against a wall, his hand slammed up on it. It’s a great visual since it looks cool and helps establish how much of a bad guy is supposed to be.

It sounds ridiculous to me but this romantic wall pound has sent Japanese girls swooning. In Japan, a GU outlet in Ginzaa store offers the service of Kabedon – a hot guy leaning up against female customers inside a clothes store, slapping his hand against the wall and telling them how good they look. A Café even introduced a robot to provide the Kabedon service based on the scenarios chosen by the customers. So don’t be surprise a McDonald near you will soon has a Kabedon corner.

Sigh … no wonder I’m still single. I don’t know when the style of a bad guy have become cool and girls are pleased with the act. Our core beliefs are always challenged by the puzzling trends. Fans follow their idols in the movies for any inappropriate manners. Advices from our parents seem outdated with today’s values. This makes me think of the ending of the movie “Grease”, Sandy turned herself to a bad girl in order for her to reunite with Danny – the bad guy. In relationship, it’s always about matching each other’s expectations.

I imagine if I ask my Ex out and do Kabedon to her, instead of feeling touched, she probably will poke my eyes with her fingers, slap in my face, punch my throat, kick in my stomach or other body parts, and leave me lying dead in the corner. If you’re not in that person’s heart, no matter what you do, it’s still worthless.

Movies portray reality yet reality portrays movies. The world is the stage and we are all players with our own entrances and exits. But I don’t think we can make our happy endings if we continue to ruin each episode of our lives with fear, violence, disrespect and anger. I’ll prefer to play the reality right.


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