This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Everything Changes


Embrace change and realize it happens for a reason. It won’t always be obvious at first, but in the end it will be worth it.

What you have today may become what you had by tomorrow. You never know. Things change, often spontaneously. People and circumstances come and go. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. It moves rapidly and rushes from calm to chaos in a matter of seconds, and happens like this to people every day.

Sometimes the shortest split second in time changes the direction of our lives. A seemingly innocuous decision rattles our whole world like a meteorite striking the Earth. Entire lives have been swiveled and flipped upside down, for better or worse, on the strength of an unpredictable event. And these events are always happening.

However how good or bad a situation is now, it will change. That’s the one thing you can count on. So when life is good, enjoy it. Don’t go looking for something better every second. Happiness never comes to those who don’t appreciate what they have while they have it.

There are some main themes in life that we need to accept – they are just facts of life and we cannot control them: our physical body, the weather, the traffic, and other people. The fact that decision makers have the power to make decisions and we are not always the decision makers. Those misfortunes are often the result of fate or bad luck, they are not because that we are bad people or that someone is trying to “get us”.

There are many more things about life that we need to accept if we’re going to be happy. Take a moment to think about it. Make a list, take a breath, and let them go.


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