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A Letter to 2015


Dear 2015,

After a few hours, my job will be done and I’ll become history. So I think I should provide you a summary, and my last bits of wisdom and advice for you.

First, if I need to use one word to describe about work this year … extremely busy. We both know we don’t like this job from day 1. We can’t blame 2013 decided to change job that year and later found that the job was not what he expected. But we should be proud that we still hang in there, days become weeks and weeks turn to year. This August marked the one-year anniversary of working here. Difficult situations really bring out the best in people. Our performance was recognized after the results from all the hard work. We then know how strong we can be in order to survive the year.

However don’t expect you can resolve all their problems, unless they promote you to a senior management position. In case they really offer you the promotion, please kindly refuse it – we are only self-destructive, not suicidal. With the foundation I built for you this year, you can stick around here for another year. But I suggest you to keep an eye on other opportunities and try your luck on something bigger and louder.

Second … with the majority of time spent on work, there is not much for second. I’m sorry to tell you that you’ll still be single and not in a relationship when you start the year. Normally it’s not a big deal to us. But people surrounding us start stereotyping those guys who do not get married at our age as a potential paedophile or serial killer. So try to meet some girls and date someone if possible to pretend we have a normal life.

It’s time to let go of our ex. I checked her Facebook (I think she still doesn’t know how to unfriend someone on Facebook), she was always tagged with another guy. So I think they started going out already. Don’t daydream she’ll ask you out one day and restart the relationship again.

After mum passed away, dad is alone at home most of the time. One thing I didn’t do enough this year is to take good care of him. So please spend more time with him next year. Just take him out for a meal may simply be what he needs. Also, keep running, I had applied a half marathon for you in May next year.

That’s all I have. I now pass the torch to you and hope you will continue to keep the flame of compassion in life.

I know I’m already pretty cool, but I hope you can get cooler. Hopefully you will be the best of us!

Yours Sincerely,

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