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Live in the Present


We all spent time in searching for the secret of life because we think it will bring us closer to the one thing we all want – the one thing that, no matter what we do in our lives or where we go or who we marry, we all aspire to have. The most important thing in the world is … Money. No, sorry, not money – it’s Happiness. And once you find happiness, you’ve pretty much uncovered the secret of life.

Some people believe that to find happiness, you should live each day of your life as if it’s your first because every day is the beginning of a new journey. Other people believe that you should live each day as if it’s your last because that way you will appreciate every single moment you have.

If you lived each day like it’s your first, you would constantly be discovering the world like babies do. Babies have an incredible sense of wonder. They are in awe of everything around them, from mirrors to squeaky toys to their own hands. For some reason as we get older, we lose that sense of wonder. We get jaded. I don’t know when it happens exactly, but I think it’s sometime between finding out the superman does not exist and realizing the reality shows are not real.

Every day we walk by beautiful flowers and trees without looking at them. We rush through our day without even saying hi to most of the people we see. We take a lot for granted, and that’s why some people say it’s better to live each day as our last. That way we might start appreciating more things around us. We’d all be a lot more honest with people, because we wouldn’t have to care what people think anymore. And there would be nothing to lose, and because of that you would probably take a lot more chances in life.

No matter you live each day as if it’s your first or your last, what’s important is that you enjoy and appreciate every day, and that’s something you can accomplish by just living in the moment. Don’t look behind you. Unless someone yells, “Look out behind you!” As there’s a good chance a basketball is being thrown at your head. Otherwise, don’t look back and don’t spend too much time worrying about the future. Live in the present.


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