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Every day we are faced with choices in our life that will affect us over the long term. Sometimes we miss the biggest choice that will cause us to look back 20 years from now with pride and contentment, or regret. Below are some of the choices we often make but will regret deeply in 20 years’ time.

Pretending to be something you’re not.

Maybe you’re pretending that you’re an expert in something that’s really not your cup of tea, or you’re keeping your mouth shut about something to keep the peace. But continuously pretending to be something you’re not is not being true to yourself and will keep you feeling empty.

Making decisions based only on money.

Making decisions solely based on money is almost never a good idea. Sure, it’s important to run the numbers, but there are dozens of other factors – including your gut feeling – you’ll want to take into account.

Thinking you can change everything.

Much like a relationship, if you go into a thinking, “This would be perfect, if only …” that’s a red flag. Chances are, unless you’re taking a leadership role, or a C-level position in an organization, you aren’t going to be able to change things that are fundamentally wrong.


You’ve got an OK job, with an OK salary, and OK benefits, but what you really want is … You’re not doing yourself any favors settling for something that is just OK. Believe in yourself enough to go after what you deserve, whether it’s a new position, a pay rise, or an opportunity.

Working 50, 60, 80 hour weeks.

You might think you have to work that much – because it’s expected, because you need the money, because you want to look good to your boss – but no one reaches their deathbed and says, “Gosh, I wish I’d spent more time working.”

Putting friends and family last.

Being successful means surrounding yourself with supportive people – and often, those people aren’t your coworkers or employees, they’re your friends and family. Ruin those relationships and you may find your success just doesn’t matter as much.

Micromanaging everything.

This applies to your work, but also to life in general. If you micromanage everything instead of sometimes just letting life happen, you’ll find yourself constantly battling anxiety and overwhelm.

Avoid making mistakes.

If you’re actively avoiding making mistakes, then you’re not taking risks. And while you may keep up the status quo, you won’t be rewarded, either. Take the risk. Make the mistake. Own it and learn from it.

Thinking only of yourself.

The best networking strategy you can possibly have is to actively look for opportunities to help others. If you’re always putting yourself and your needs first, you’ll find you don’t get very far.

Not valuing your own happiness.

It’s a sad truth that people often believe they can put off happiness until later, but sometimes later doesn’t come. Prioritize being happy today.


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  1. Thank you very mush, yes, I TOTALLY agree with you because some above mentioned are in my life, now am 41, its happened in my experience

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