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I’ll Ride With You


Sydney was thrown into disarray this week, after an armed siege in the busiest part of the city. It’s over now, but the tragic hostage drama has sparked anti-Muslim sentiment across the city, following reports that the incident may be politically motivated.

In a move that can completely floored everyone, Sydney’s and Australia’s social media users have united under one hashtag banner, pledging their solidarity with those who fear racially motivated and bigoted reprisals on public transport. This is #IllRideWithYou, and it’s beautiful.

It started when a passenger saw a woman removing her hijab on the train.


From there, @sirtessa decided to put her hand up, and offer to take a ride with anyone on public transport who was uncomfortable or expecting a bigoted response following the siege.


Within two hours, tens of thousands of people have since put their hand up to ride with those who may be frightened to just catch the bus, train or ferry to work or school, in what is probably the most moving thing one’s ever seen.


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