This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Walk Away


I used to get annoyed easily. A driver cut my lane sharply, another car was parked too close to mine, a project task could not be completed on the due day, someone tried to prove he’s smarter than me, a manager criticized my work, a sale tried to sell me something I didn’t need … But as I grow older, I begin to realize what I need and what I need to leave behind. You’ll probably forget what’s happening right now in a few years’ time. Even if you remember, they won’t seem a big deal any more.

If someone annoys you today, regardless of whether the issue is big or small, ask yourself if it is a battle worth fighting. Unless you are completely sure of the answer, take a deep breath and walk away. Sometimes walking away is a step forward.

Choose your battles wisely. Unless you have a very high chance of victory, spare your energy and walk away.


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