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That Day I Felt Ridiculous

That day we watched the video of our CEO presenting in the Town Hall meeting. He said, “Our competitor has less people than us but with more assets. That’s ridiculous!” He mentioned the word “ridiculous” 38 times in the presentation, sometimes he further emphasized it by saying the word continuously – maximum 3 times.

That day, weeks after the Town Hall meeting, we had an organisational restructuring. A number of colleagues were made redundant. According to senior management, the goal of the downsizing was to match our head-counts with that of our competitor. So the business will look better, at least on paper.

That day, months after the restructuring, we found that we did not have enough people to work on all the projects. Schedules were delayed and customers complained. So contractors were hired and we needed to train them and bring them up to speed. The number of contractors hired was doubled the number of people retrenched months ago.

That day my manager told me this story: A parachutist with a new helmet camera who checked the battery power, film, light setting, camera mount, helmet straps, focus and ensured it was turned on. He then jumped without the parachute. And my manager added at the end, “It just likes how we’re working here.” He later resigned and left the company.


Today I bought a coffee from the cafe downstairs. The girl working in the cafe asked, “How much coffee (instead of sugar) you want in your latte?” She was not aware that she said the wrong word. I tried to be funny by answering, “Medium rare.” The lady behind me in the queue burst into laughter and said, “You two are so ridiculous!”


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